Claxton Physician Directory

We created an online physician directory to replace the outdated, difficult to navigate one that was keeping Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center physicians from the patients who needed them.

Project Summary

The Claxton-Hepburn marketing team came to us in 2016 because the physician directory on their website wasn't cutting it anymore. They didn't have the budget for a full site redesign just yet, but we agreed that the directory was the biggest opportunity for improvement of user experience on the site.

Core Features & Improvements

Visual Brand
We designed the directory templates—the find a physician page, physician profile pages, and team pages—to match the look and feel of their website. This allowed the directory to blend seamlessly into the existing website without interrupting the UX as users navigate through the site.
User Experience
The biggest value that the new directory brings to the website is in its user experience. The new directory is easier to navigate, allows users to 'save & compare' their doctors, return to recently viewed physicians, and send their list of saved physicians to themselves and to a friend. 
MailChimp Integration
All of the directory templates were built with MailChimp integration. This meant that we set up the Claxton marketing team with the tools they needed to create forms, track lists, and automate tasks based on the directory lists and subscribers.
Key Feature #1
Request An appointment
The new directory allows users to request an appointment with individual physicians or by specialty. Patients are followed up with via phone or email (their preference) to confirm their appointment. This feature has not only created a new channel for Claxton-Hepburn to bring in new patients, but has created a way for patients to make an appointment that is easier and more convenient for their schedules.
Key Feature #2

Save & Compare

One of the unique features of the new physician directory is the ability for users to 'save' doctors. This allows them to compare their saved doctors within their browser, email themselves a copy of their saved doctors, or share a copy of their saved doctors with a friend or family member via email. Users are able to save doctors by selecting them from the search page or the physician profile page. Their saved doctors follow them as they navigate throughout the site, even outside of the directory itself. When they return to a directory page, their physicians will still be in their saved panel, and they can expand or collapse the panel at any time to view more details.