An online magazine that tells the stories of how a health system changes the lives of its patients


In Cleveland, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center lives in the shadow of one the largest and most recognized healthcare brands in the world. Our digital strategy with St. Vincent Charity has focused on highlighting what sets them apart from their competitors—the hospital’s innovative approach to care and the life-changing outcomes their patients enjoy. 

We created Radiant as a platform to share the stories of the people giving and receiving care at St. Vincent Charity.

Our goal was to create a platform that would increase consumer engagement and awareness of the St. Vincent Charity brand by highlighting these points of separation through compelling narratives that regular people would care about and be moved by. 

Radiant is an online magazine that tells the stories of how the health system changes the lives of its patients, and highlights the devoted caregivers and innovations that inspired these changes.

Project Info

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
Content Strategy
Art Direction
Site Architecture
User Experience
UI Design
Digital Producer—Lead development of site architecture, user experience and UI design. Worked with Senior Art Director on art direction.
Positioning Statement
“To be radiant is to shine with qualities of happiness, love and health. Radiant brings remarkable patient and caregiver stories to light—illuminating what Care Beyond Medicine means for every life it shines upon.”

Site Architecture

We worked with St. Vincent Charity to find the right platform for Radiant. Because they are a team of two, they would need a relatively easy-to-update platform with minimal ongoing maintenance. After discussing several options we selected Squarespace as the best fit for Radiant. 

From the available templates, we made recommendations based on detailed summaries of the capabilities and limitations of each option. We presented three options for the site structure and made recommendations based on their internal workflow. We ultimately used a structure similar to Option B below. This allowed the St. Vincent Charity team to rotate the stories that would be featured on the landing page. This has helped them keep content fresh and updated even when their team is not able to create all new content.

Typography System


Masthead Development

Final Masthead